Dr. Robert T. Baker, Orlando Gastroenterologist,

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Gastroenterology Specialists of Orlando, Inc., is committed to providing their patients with the state of the art treatments in digestive diseases. A recognized leader and trendsetter in gastrointestinal and digestive disorders in the central Florida area, Dr. Baker provides specialty care with a personal touch.

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Our Gastroenterology Services

We believe in maintaining the highest level of comfort for patients at our practice. Our safety standards are strict and specialized to keep you safe, preventing critical infections that may endanger your health. Earning your trust is our goal and we have been a successful practice for a number of years.

Assessment - A screening is especially important to prevent the most serious consequence of this cancer from occurring.


Cost of Colonoscopy Procedures

Endoscopy or Colonoscopy procedures, if perform at the hospital can cost 3x more than if performed at a doctor’s office.

At Gastroentoerolgy Specialists of Orlando, Inc., there is no difference in the colonoscopy procedure in this surgery center or in the hospital setting. We use the same equipment, sedation and anesthesia. The only difference is the cost savings to our patients in having an “office colonoscopy.”

Dr. Baker is the owner of this surgical center which means there will be a considerable discount in cost…..so when thinking of your Endoscopy and Colon Screening consider the extra savings $$$$!!